The ability to create an identity to support a message to improve a desired goal is a fine art. Our firm specializes in the art of bridging geographic and workload gaps between like industries, creating an public image, and crafting particular messages to generate public awareness and improve community growth. The development of coalescent communications strategy is the foundation of Atypical Industries. It is the groundwork that frames all growth. It is market research, community outreach, the development of brand, and the crafting of reach.

Coalescence is defined as, the act of unity to form one mass community. Our Coalescent Communications strategy acts to bridge time and space barriers between like organizations across the country: To unite those who serve common communities in order to identify strengths and build strategies for the mutual benefit of all involved.

Having worked with many notable organizations and causes since our firm’s inception, our goal is to bridge the personal with the technological, and to use modern means of communication to create new working networks in order to ensure organizational growth.

By implementing our services into your organizational framework, your organization can expect development in revenue growth, increased community awareness, strengthened branding and public image, and new partnership opportunities with like organizations regionally, nationally, or internationally.