10/10/10 – The Global Work PARTY

10/10/10 – The Global Work PARTY

Dear Canada,

If you have not already started planning a 10/10/10 event for this October 10th, it is not too late to get cracking! In Canada, the Global Work Party is conveniently taking place on our Thanksgiving weekend. Perhaps your family is already gathering for some holiday festivities which makes recruitment a breeze. This is an opportunity for the world to give a collective foot-tapping-arms-crossed-intense-stare to elected officials – “We’re getting to work, how about you?”

We know it seems like a lot to ask to organize a Work Party, BUT:

  1. Refer to the ‘party’ bit. Yeah, we thought so.
  2. What could be more important than building the movement we need? You know, the one that fosters political will to establish climate justice.
  3. This is another one of those moments that we will look back on with pride. When the world rose up, armed with solar panels and trees, you were there with dirty hands and a shovel!

There are over 80 actions already registered in Canada and trust us, you want to be one more.

Here are some action ideas.

Make sure to take lots of pictures and post them with 350.org. Also, invite your MP or let them know that this Thanksgiving, we are getting to work!

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