From the desk of Gracen…

From the desk of Gracen…

Greetings! Not so long ago, I sent the following message to many friends of The Hill. It contains valuable information and my deepest affection so I would like to post it here for you as well.


I recently returned from a semester in India, eating bananas and riding in rickshaws. Now that I’m back in Canada with a computer I’m trying to drop a line to the many connections I had the pleasure of making over the past year and a half in the process of making Fill The Hill a reality.

First, I would like to extend another sincere thank you for all of your support along the journey. I am fully aware how absurd it must have seemed to hop on board behind a raving 19-year-old and pull together thousands with almost zero resources. I should hope that in my life I will give my energy and trust so willingly as you have. You were essential to creating the improbable.

Second, I wish to introduce you to one of the offshoots of the C-Day movement. Cheryl McNamara of our communications team, and a small team of collaborators have been working hard since October to create the online community called Climate Response(www.climateresponse.ca). This is a citizens’ effort to raise the voice of reason. We all know that comment boards and shoddy journalism often trivialize or deny climate change and it can be very tempting to just ignore the nonsense. However, unless we can shift the comments and public opinion in favour of the truth, we will struggle to achieve serious change. Therefore, Climate Response is a platform where contributors can find resources and share their efforts to take back the playground from deniers. Cheryl is recruiting members (especially students), so please do check it out and share with friends. Grassroots is a continual source of hope and satisfaction.

Third, good news regarding climate change can be hard to come by. If nothing else, remember that we are all still in it for the long haul. Let’s keep our heads high, minds clear, and hands busy. Speaking of which, I’m sure we are all excited for 350.org’s Global Work Party on 10/10/10.

Thanks again!

Yours in action,


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