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Want More Climate Action?

Want More Climate Action?

It’s Time To Listen – Climate Crew Mondays


The Canadian youth climate movement is coming out of Power Shift with huge momentum and it’s time for Canadians and our government to listen. It’s Time To Listen is a six week campaign in the lead-up to Copenhagen with a different theme each week for each of the Power Shift Principles –

  • Oct. 26 – *Time for politician’s to listen *
  • Nov. 2 – *Reduce emissions now *
  • Nov. 9 – *Commit to environmental justice *
  • Nov. 16 – *Invest in clean energy not tar sands*
  • Nov. 23 – *Create effective green jobs *
  • Nov. 30 – *Lead Canada to be part of a progressive global deal in Copenhagen*

We’re going to use a mixture of flash dances, quick actions (special missions!), emails, videos, letters, phone calls and good ol’ face-to-face communication to:

Primary Goal: Make climate leadership at the UN Climate Summit at Copenhagen, investment in clean energy and action on green jobs the #1 issue for Canadians.

Secondary Goal: Make sure our government knows that it’s the #1 priority, that we’re not going away, and that our numbers are growing.

How can you be part of this?

*1. Sign up a location for a Climate Crew/Be part of a Climate Crew near you

*This week our focus is on reducing emissions now, and we’re suggesting the ”ooh it’s hot in here” dance for the flash dance. Here’s a link to the dance, as demonstrated by previous Minister of the Environment Rona Ambrose

We will turn photos and videos from this action in an awesome video and viral email to get more and more Canadians plugged in to the campaign and acting. We’ll also use the video and viral email to build to next week. We want to get 50 locations accross the country doing weekly flash dances and quick actions by the end of this campaign.

You can find a list of locations on the facebook event

*If there is a location near you then you just need to show up at the right time, and bring a cell phone or signs with the theme of the week with you.

*If there is not a location near you it is easy to sign one up, and easy to get a Climate Crew going.

*Check out the starter kit to find out more about the easy steps to get a Climate Crew started – and remember that only a few people is a great start for the first week.

Here’s a link to an online form to sign up a location for a Climate Crew

Since we’re geographically scattered we’re using a coordinated and unifying tactic to raise awareness and project unity. If you’re planning on doing something really different please get in contact with us (250-858-6057) to talk about how the action works within the broader campaign strategy.

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