PickupPal Takes a Climate Ride

Climate Ride is like Pedal for the Planet meets Power Shift, except in the USA. Riders travel from New York to D.C. – a 300 mile journey to deliver a message to their members of Congress on Capitol Hill – the time is now for climate action. Indeed.

Our friends at PickupPal have a team of riders making the trip who are still raising funds. If you haven’t heard of Pickup Pal, here’s their team blurb:

PickupPal provides a global presence on the Internet to intelligently connect drivers and passengers around the world, forming a new transportation marketplace. PickupPal’s objective is to bring real economic value to people while making a significant contribution towards the reduction of carbon emissions caused by ground transportation.

You can visit PickupPal’s C-Day event group and carpool to The Hill!

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