Kind Words from a Fellow Canadian

We received this lovely message from our friend, Paul, a little while ago. We like to share happy things.

I just wanted you to know that your efforts and the efforts of your co-contributors are very much appreciated by Canadians such as myself who love and respect the world in which we live. 83% of Canadians polled want government action on climate change even if it involves a cost to our economy.

The impetus for true change resides in the hearts and able minds of the incredible people currently attending our colleges and universities across this magnificent landscape. It never fails to amaze me that environmentally minded people such as you undertake these tasks through conscience, not financial reward or personal gain.

As I watch the nature programs on television and learn of the destruction of countless species and habitats I think of the day when I will have to try to explain to my grand children what a Polar bear was. Inspired by you and others like you I took up the cause and have chosen to become active rather than just being an opinionated observer. I hope to help bring about change in this country, change that will make us, as Canadians proud to wear the maple leaf.

For the sake of the Planet, keep up the cause !

Sincere regards;

Paul Millage


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